By Joey Skladany
Updated December 06, 2016
A cup of McCafe coffee
Credit: ©Zhang Peng/Getty Images

$12,000 espresso machines? We're lovin' it. (We think).

In an attempt to dethrone Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts from a long-running caffeine reign, McDonald's is really upping the ante with their McCafe selections. According to Bloomberg, in addition to expensive new hardware, the fast food chain will offer $1 drip coffee and $2 "specialty coffee" deals in early 2017.

The push for McCafe comes on the heels of a variety of changes. From cheese curds and waffle fries to junior Big Macs and table service, the golden arches are working double time to win back customers after a highly-publicized sales slump.

While upgraded coffee sounds like a welcome addition to the menu, they may want to take a play out of Chipotle's book with free booze. Because nothing pairs better with Mickey D's than a night of binge drinking.