By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 12, 2016
mcdonalds holiday
Credit: © McDonald's

After all the controversy Starbucks has been through with its holiday cups, it’s not absurd to think that the company’s hot beverage competitor McDonald’s may have set out to design its cups with a simple goal: the blander the better. And what’s more innocuous than a winter mitten?

But as the internet has proven, blandness can easily be defeated by someone’s overactive imagination – especially when that person has a pen handy. Just a few finger-shaped pen strokes on the inside of those McDonald’s cup’s mittens can easily make the cup’s design look like someone is wishing you “Warmest Greetings” from…well, you can see for yourself.

The resulting photo has quickly taken the web by storm. A tweet from Sam Sykes featuring the so-ridiculous-it-doesn’t-even-feel-that-disgusting doodle has been retweeted over 13,000 times so far – and needless to say he is not the only one spreading the pic. From there, the can’t-be-unseen image will most likely be burned into your brain for the rest of the holiday season. Hopefully, it will give you a chuckle and make your Christmas that much merrier.

However, if you do find the McDonald’s mitten/butt cups offensive, I don’t blame you. At least with Starbucks’ controversial red cups from 2015, you had to have some artistic talent to truly draw something filthy on them. These McDonald’s cups make being obscene way too easy. These cups are offensive to people who can draw.