By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 27, 2015
© Newscast / Alamy

It’s a great thing that so many people are switching to reusable coffee cups, but it does mean that there are now way too many cardboard sleeves out there.

Fortunately, one doodler has put them to good use, refashioning Starbucks's iconic mermaid into dozens of characters.

Since November, #sleevebucks has been posting images of his (or her) original doodles to Tumblr and Instagram. This week alone has seen the addition of Iron Man (aka “Tony Starkbucks”), Link and Zelda (from “The Legend of”), Wonder Woman and “Bean-addict Cumberbatch (as Sleevelock Holmes).”

Despite only recently getting recognition through outlets like BuzzFeed and Laughing Squid, #sleevebucks has been drawing steadily for weeks, leaving dozens off doodles in her (or his) wake. Someone has a lot of time on her (or his) hands. Either that, or maybe it’s time to cut back on all that caffeine and get some sleep.

Here are a few of our favorites: