By Joey Skladany
Updated October 10, 2016
© Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

What started as a mini-café inside Martha Stewart Living's New York Omnimedia headquarters may now be your newest go-to for coffee, pastries and the lifestyle mogul’s famous granola.

Stewart has teamed up with retail giant Macy’s to launch two cafés in Sacramento and Dallas. The locations, appropriately placed near her line of dishes, sheets and towels, offer a wide variety of beverage and bakery options that will fuel any shopper, coffee aficionado or slave to the corporate grind.

While there are no announced plans to expand to other states, Eater notes that many major Macy's locations are currently undergoing renovations.

Aside from coffee beans and fresh croissants, we're smelling a national chain. If Stewart plays her cards right (and doesn't engage in any insider trading) she could have a whole new "good thing" on her hands.