By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 18, 2015
Credit: © EYESITE / Alamy

For those who haven’t been to the West Coast in a while, marijuana shops are now selling marijuana-infused coffee in disposable K-Cups, allowing anyone to brew their own marijuana coffee at home.

In Seattle, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop has single-serving coffee pods for $10 a pop that are infused with 10 milligrams of THC—and the shop says the pods are big sellers. According to Fairwinds Manufacturing, the company that makes the doped-up K-Cups, the pods account for about 60 percent of their coffee sales. “I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka,” Jennifer Lanzador, Uncle Ike’s sales manager told Yahoo! Finance. “I had more energy but still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.” Also like a Red Bull and vodka, your coworkers would probably give you a weird look if you made one in the office.

Though Washington allows you to buy pot coffee pods over the counter, California is also home to marijuana coffee K-Cups. A company called House of Jane sells pods to dozens of dispensaries in four different varieties: medium roast, dark roast, mocha café and—why not—decaf.

One note for possible cannabis coffee consumers: The unpopular digital rights management on Keurig 2.0 machines will prevent you from making the THC roast, so you’ll have to dig up that old K-Cup machine if you want to get brewing.