By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 27, 2015
© Jang Woo-Seok

Calling all hardcore coffee lovers: Your dreams are about to come true. Korean designer Jan WooSeok has designed a plastic lid that lets you actually kiss your coffee cup. Molded in the shape of puckered lips—a literal interpretation of the raised lip you'll find on your average disposable lid—the "Take 'Kiss' Out" cup lid makes taking a sip of coffee feel like you're actually kissing someone.

The disposable lid even features a nose to bump up against, which wasn’t included in the prototype. WooSeok felt that "something was missing" and "realized that [the nose] is an essential to a realistic kiss." The face's features were laid out with two goals in mind: to resemble an Ancient Greek statue and to look friendly.

WooSeok wants these polystyrene lids to bring an element of fun to what's otherwise a routine habit. After all, the artist points out, "you can have coffee every day but you can't always kiss someone."

The lid was definitely devised with a sense of humor—the usual coffee cup warning "Caution: I'm hot" when seen on the "Take 'Kiss' Out" lid takes on a whole new meaning. But, for WooSeok, the lid really is supposed to also function on another level. Taking a sip is supposed to create an "emotionally different coffee-drinking" experience.

For more innovative, quirky product designs—his other products include this clever shower/sink and a massaging brush for your computer's mouse—follow WooSeok on Behance.