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If you're still thinking brown liquor is for the boys, you're sadly mistaken. Women can and certainly do love whiskey, just as much men. That's why a group of malt loving ladies founded the organization Women Who Whiskey in 2011 in New York City, with the aim of introducing and educating women on becoming connoisseurs of the spirit. The group expanded their operations to multiple cities, with domestic chapters in Washington DC and Portland to name a few, as well an international outposts in locales from Sweden to Kenya to Australia.

The next city on the female-focused whiskey club radar is Los Angeles, which L.A. chapter president Kim Ohanneson describes to TimeOut as "a very egalitarian drinking town." But that doesn't mean everyone feels comfortable approaching the world of hard liquor. Ohanneson added "knowledge breeds confidence... I hope to provide the women of Los Angeles with a variety of fun, informative, reasonably priced opportunities to become better acquainted with my favorite spirit.”

Joining the organization is free and members get access to tastings, tours and other events. The Women Who Whiskey website describes their mission as outreach to both amateurs and experts, while bringing women together to learn about and discuss their love of the spirit with like-minded ladies. Head over to the site to see if the group has a branch in your city. And if they don’t, hey, there must be some whiskey in your town somewhere. Go ahead and start your own.