Credit: © ullstein bild/Getty Images

A funny thing happened on the way to Trump becoming president: People apparently got really, really drunk – at least according to one set of data. (Though after so many polls misled us, does anyone really trust data anymore?)

Online alcohol delivery service Drizly has released their sales numbers from election night, and the results are predictably boozy. The company, which teams with local alcohol purveyors to deliver drinks as quickly as possible, said that this past Tuesday was its biggest non-holiday weekday night ever, notching an 86 percent increase over a normal Tuesday night. (For the record, “weekday nights” are considered Sunday through Wednesday by Drizly, because Drizly gets you and your drinking habits.)

“We were prepping for a big night across the U.S., given the buzz on social, but the spike in wine and spirits sales was surprising,” Trisha Antonsen, chief cocktail officer at Drizly, said according to Forbes. “Beer is typically the top category for us… it looks like people needed something a little stronger on Tuesday night.”

Drizly also whipped up a fun graph showing liquor orders by hour throughout the night. Seeing the dramatic increase in booze being sold from earlier on Election Day into the wee hours of the night is at least worth a chuckle, especially coupled with Drizly pointing out that the cities placing the most orders were the liberal bastions of New York, Boston, Denver, Washington DC and Los Angeles. (Though to be fair, I’m guessing Drizly isn’t available in many of the small districts that helped propel Trump to the White House.)

But regardless of party, with the results of the election being so unexpected, everyone had their reasons to place booze orders as the night went on: Democrats to drink away the pain, and Republicans so they could hold spontaneous celebrations. In fact, it looks like alcohol is one of the few things everyone in American can agree on. At least now we can. Remember how America used to be divided over alcohol to the point where we had Prohibition? There’s a moral in there somewhere. Once our collective heads stop throbbing, maybe we can give that moral some thought.