By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 04, 2015
Credit: © Afineur Cultured Coffee

You ferment your wine; you ferment your cheese. Kombucha is a growing craze. Fermented foods are said to be good for the gut, great for the skin, and help reduce stress and anxiety. The newest product to be fermented? Coffee. A new company is using fermentation to unlock what they describe as the “most unique coffee you will ever try.”

Cultured Coffee puts their beans through what they describe on their Kickstarter page as “a pioneering natural and controlled secondary fermentation process” that results in coffee with “extremely low bitterness with shining fruity, floral, and chocolaty notes.” By exposing beans to specially selected microorganisms right before roasting, they say they are able to “precisely chew-away undesirable coffee flavor molecules while adding interesting ones.” After that, the beans are roasted, which “also sterilizes them.”

© Afineur Cultured Coffee

The company admits that fermenting coffee beans isn’t a new idea, but they take this process to a new level by fermenting the raw “green” beans instead of just the coffee berries, as is often traditionally done. According to Eater, the two-woman team behind Cultured Coffee, Camille Delebecque and Sophie Deterre, both have PhDs — Delebecque in synthetic biology between Harvard and Paris Universities and Deterre in flavor chemistry from AgroParisTech — meaning they believe they have strong credentials when it comes to choosing which microbes should chew on your beans.

Getting super-unique coffee isn’t cheap. Early birds to the campaign can grab a five-ounce bag for $29, which they say is 20 percent less than the planned retail price. The company has already blown past their $15,000 goal, though. It’s a reminder that if you want to ensure you have a winning Kickstarter idea, just make whatever you’re selling fermented. Can I interest anyone in a fermented desk lamp?