By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 19, 2015
© Rocky Wilson

To hell with the debate over bottles versus cans. A new Kickstarter campaign wants you to be able to enjoy fresh draft beer no matter where you are.

Hank the Beer Tank plans to be “your kegerator for draft beer at home. And on the go.” The small beer fridge claims to be half the size of a traditional kegerator, in part because it only holds sixtels. Also known as 1/6 barrel kegs, they hold about 41 pints of beer (because we know that is the number you actually care about).

Outside of the minor inconvenience of having to scale down your keg size, Hank appears to be everything you could want in a traveling draft beer machine. It’s fully digitally temperature-controlled with a compressor chiller that the team claims could freeze beer if you wanted to, chilling down to as low as 0°F. It runs off any outlet, including from your car, but uses only one-tenth the power of a traditional kegerator. But if you’re still worried it might kill your battery, it comes with built-in battery protection, causing Hank to shut off if it feels like it’s about to cause your car to die.

It all sound pretty cool, except the price, which is more in line with—if not more expensive than—a traditional kegerator. Hank the Beer Tank will set you back $699 even if you’re one of the “Early Bird Super Backers”—and those spots are filling up. After that, be prepared to pay an additional $100. It’s a pretty steep price for a product that, despite maximum portability, is limited in its capacity.

Hank the Beer Tank is currently about a quarter of the way toward its funding goal with 26 days to go. It’ll be interesting to see if enough people are interested in serving draft beer out of their car to get this thing fully funded.