By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 04, 2016
© H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Though it’s easy to find all sorts of crazy beers on the market today, kefir beers are still extremely rare. But new research in Brazil suggests that people may want to consider bringing beers made with the fermented milk drink to the market, if not for the taste, for the health benefits.

According to Live Science, a team of Brazilian researchers set out to compare the healing properties, both against inflammation and stomach ulcers, of kefir beer and regular beer by giving the different drinks to rats. In all their experiments, scientists discovered that kefir beer worked as a more successful treatment than regular beer.

A doctor at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital who did not participate in the study told Live Science that the results were too preliminary to make any specific judgements about the possible benefits to humans from kefir beer—which is made by including kefir grains, described as “white or yellowish gelatinous clumps that contain bacteria and yeast,” during fermentation. However, some health experts have already begun touting the yogurt-like kefir beverage for its probiotic content.

Despite both beverages resulting from fermentation, testing the effects of adding kefir to beer might seem a little strange; however, previous studies have found that beer may have some anti-inflammatory effects of its own. Plus, I don’t know about rats, but I’m far more likely to participate in a study if I hear beer is involved.