Vegetable Juice

Drinking your veggies is an easy and delicious way to get a nutritional boost. Many vegetable juice blends are made with some kind of fruit—a great, low-sugar way to balance the earthy flavors of kale and spinach. Carrots, fennel and beets are great for making colorful juices, and we love to add turmeric, ginger and cilantro to boost the flavor even more. If you're easing your way into veggie juice, try a fruitier option like this carrot-pear drink. Juicy pears, fresh lime juice and a little ginger play up the sweetness of the carrots so it isn't too savory. Whether you're a juicing newbie or need some new recipe ideas, F&W's guide to vegetable juice has tons of healthy recipes.

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Kale Juice

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We like our green juices with a kick, so we add ginger and a slice of jalapeño to this one. Not sure about the spice? This juice is equally delicious without the chile pepper. Slideshow: More Kale Recipes 

Celery Juice

Here at Food & Wine, we break out our electric juicer whenever the produce bins are overflowing. We like our juices vegetable-heavy, with just a little sweetness and a big punch of heat and acid. One of our favorite combinations is celery, cucumber, pineapple, lime, parsley and jalapeño. For a slightly sweeter juice, you could swap a Granny Smith apple or a ripe pear for the pineapple. Add a bigger piece of jalapeño or a generous pinch of cayenne pepper along with a few sprigs of fresh cilantro for a spicier quaff. Slideshow: More Vegetable Juice Recipes 

Easy Vegetable Juice Recipes

Get your daily serving of vegetables with these incredible juice recipes from Food & Wine. From a refreshing carrot-pear shrub to The Radiant Glow (packed with kale, beet and cucumber), these are the heatly juices you'll want to make right now.

2 Beet Juice Drinks to Make Before You Hit the Gym

Put the protein drink down and break out the juicer, because beet juice might be the key to better muscular performance.

Herbed Tomato Juice

This liquified version of gazpacho is so intense that a small cup will suffice for each guest. Cold Soup Recipes

More Vegetable Juice

Cilantro-Celery Juice Punch

This bright green blend from Amanda Chantal Bacon of Los Angeles’s Moon Juice gets its zippy, herby taste from an entire bunch of cilantro. Slideshow: Great Cilantro-Centric Recipes to Try