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Pirate Mary Mix
Reprinted with permission from The Bloody Mary, copyright 2017 by Brian Bartels. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. Photographs copyright 2017 by Eric Medsker Slideshow: More Fruit Juice Recipes 
Easy Fruit Juice Recipes
Grab the fruit and get to juicing. From an apple and orange infused "Purple Haze" to a refreshing cantaloupe juice with ginger and lime, these are the best of Food & Wine's fruit juice recipes.
Cilantro-Celery Punch
 Make this incredibly refreshing punch, from Amanda Chantal Bacon’s The Moon Juice Cookbook, part of your green-juice rotation. Ginger and celery give the sweet apple-cilantro drink a peppery kick, making it an ideal palate cleanser after a big meal. Slideshow: Juice Cleanse Recipes 
Cantaloupe Juice with Ginger and Lime
Use the ripest cantaloupe you can find for his juice from the Food & Wine Test Kitchen. Freezing the fruit before juicing it adds body to the drink. Slideshow:  More Summer Drinks 
Spiced Apple Juice
Use this juice to make the Apple Lillet cocktail.Plus: Ultimate Cocktail Guide