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Easy Fruit Juice Recipes

Grab the fruit and get to juicing. From an apple and orange infused "Purple Haze" to a refreshing cantaloupe juice with ginger and lime, these are the best of Food & Wine's fruit juice recipes.

Easy Vegetable Juice Recipes

Get your daily serving of vegetables with these incredible juice recipes from Food & Wine. From a refreshing carrot-pear shrub to The Radiant Glow (packed with kale, beet and cucumber), these are the heatly juices you'll want to make right now.

Juice Cleanse Recipes

Whether you want to slim down for a big event or need a hangover remedy, turn to nutrient-packed juices for a healthy boost. These sweet and savory recipes include everything from a turmeric elixir to a tropical refresher.

7 Best Summer Juices

Here's how to turn peak summer produce into supercharged drinks of all kinds, including unexpected smoothies and one heck of a fresh bloody mary.

More Juices

Electro Shot

This vitamin C–packed juice, flavored with fresh fennel and green apple, is an immunity booster. Slideshow: More Summer Drinks

Purple Haze

This sweet, vibrant juice gets a savory kick from the addition of sea salt. Serve the drink chilled or on ice. Slideshow: More Summer Drinks

Cucumber Kimchi Tabbouleh

Try this fun upgrade on the classic Lebanese dish by spicing it up with crunchy and addicting cucumber kimchi.  Slideshow: More Cucumber Recipes