By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 29, 2014
Credit: © MIXA / Alamy

What could be better than blowing off some steam at the end of a tough workday by downing a nice cold beverage? How about downing a nice cold beverage while…spinning cotton? That’s the logic behind Japan’s cotton-spinning bar.

Tokyo Cotton Village is a bar and café located in Tokyo that not only serves up beers and cocktails but also offers patrons an opportunity to spin raw cotton into threads—if they buy a drink, of course. No freeloading cotton-spinners allowed.

According to the Japan News, the unique business is the brainchild of owner Takuya Tomizawa who in 2008 began growing and spinning cotton as a hobby with friends. Eventually, Tomizawa discovered his cotton hobby was making him “thirsty and hungry,” so he left his day job at an advertising company and opened up a spot where he and his cotton-spinning buddies could make their threads while enjoying a drink or two.

Soon, other visitors learned of the therapeutic benefits of the activity. “Getting absorbed in [spinning threads] lets me forget bad things that happened at work. This is a precious time for me to change my mood,” says Yoshiko Jimura, a 32-year-old company employee who visits the bar at least twice a week.

And you thought that bar in your neighborhood that has table-top shuffleboard was really unique. Just wait until the hipsters find out about this trend. I foresee a craft beer and cotton-spinning bar in Brooklyn’s future.

[h/t Neatorama]