It’s the Fourth of July! So get the grill going and mix up a big batch of fruity, boozy sangria.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Here, six ways to amp up your sangria to make it ultra-festive for the holiday.

Use Fruity Ice Cubes
Regular ice cubes made out of frozen water will dilute sangria as they melt. Instead, infuse yours with even more fruit flavor by cooling it down with fruit-infused cubes like these minted watermelon ones or these peach-thyme cubes.

Use Star-Shaped Ice Cubes
If you’d rather stick with old-school ice cubes, spruce them up by throwing in some blueberries and freezing them in start-shaped trays.

Add a Boozy Watermelon Garnish
Kick the day up a notch booze-wise by garnishing glasses of sangria with these rum-and-white-port-infused watermelon wedges.

Grill the Fruit
As long as you have the grill going, throw some citrus fruits and grapes on to make Michael Chiarello’s subtly smoky sangria. Or try this amazing grilled strawberry-rhubarb version.

Freeze It
For an ultra-refreshing sangria, simply blend the fruit, wine and spirits together with ice. This delicious, slushy recipe is easy to follow.

Use Beer Instead of Wine
For a super hybrid Fourth of July cocktail, swap out wine for crisp lager. Ta-da! It’s brewsky sangria! If cider’s more your style, we have a recipe for that as well.