u00a9 Lavazza

Was the thought of being under-caffeinated holding you back from venturing into zero gravity? Well, no need to wait any longer: Espresso giant Lavazza and Italian engineering company Argotec have teamed up to create ISSpresso, the first espresso machine that will work in space. The machine will also brew caffé lungo (an espresso with more water), tea, and other hot beverages like broth.


It will take off Nov. 23, 2014, as part of the International Space Station's Futura Mission. The mission will also launch the first Italian woman into space: Air Force Captain Samantha Cristoforetti, who will undoubtedly enjoy a few shots during her trip.

While figuring out a way to pull a good espresso in low-Earth orbit is a marvel of modern engineering itself, the machine's creators say it may also have a more practical use, aiding future experiments in fluid technology. But for now, espresso is the star of the show. Says Giuseppe Lavazza (VP of the espresso company): "Italian coffee is a beverage without borders…today we are in a position to overcome the limits of weightlessness and enjoy a good espresso—the indisputable symbol of authentic Italy culinary products—on board the International Space Station." Now, if the Italians would only come up with a way to make fresh pasta and gelato in space, we would really be able to enjoy life outside Earth.