By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 19, 2016
Credit: © iStockphoto

Any beer brewed during the days of Jesus would probably be well past its “born on date” by now, but a brewery in Israel recently whipped up a modern take on what a “biblical beer” may have tasted like, attempting to recreate what all your favorite prophets drank during happy hour after a hard day of making miracles 2,000 years ago.

Herzl Brewery, billed as Israel’s smallest, somewhat ironically used a lot of science to recreate a beer intended to be reminiscent of biblical times. Geneticists from Tel Aviv University supplied the brewer with a strain of wheat identical to the one used for making beer back around the start of the modern calendar. With those 11 pounds of grains in hand, Herzl added hops, yeast and water to create a five gallon test batch of the beer which Reuters described as having “a hint of honey and berries in the cloudy - and flat - nectar, which has a three percent alcohol content.” Apparently the people of the bible were session drinkers.

Sadly, those looking to try the biblical brew are out of luck: Brewery owner Itai Gutman said most of it was consumed with friends, and he has no plans to make another batch. But apparently we aren’t missing out: “It's really not the kind of flavor that has a market,” Gutman was quoted as saying.

At this point, Gutman said there is only one bottle left. Is it just me or does this sound like a real life biblical story just waiting to happen?

But for those looking to “get Jesus drunk” (hopefully I don’t go to hell for coining that phrase), you may have another option. As we discussed this past December, an Israeli winery has been hard at work creating a wine similar to what Jesus might have drank while he was alive. I’ve always thought of Jesus as more of a wine guy anyway.