By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 11, 2015
© Pinhole Photographic / Stockimo / Alamy

Coors Light likes to say their beer is “as cold as the Rockies.” A beer vendor in Iowa thinks he’s got that beat. He’s serving beer that’s as cold as the Arctic: just 27 degrees Fahrenheit—sometimes even colder.

According to Des Moines’ KCCI, Stan Kranovich has spent the past 11 months perfecting a patent-pending system that allows him to cool beer to a temperature colder than ice. He plans to debut the system in just a few days at his Steer ‘N Stein booth as part of the Iowa State Fair. The “Super Chill” system basically looks like a giant tub of bubbling water—an ice-cold spa bath for beers that causes the aluminum containers to gently bobble up and down as their temperatures sink below freezing. Since the patent is pending, Kranovich didn’t want to disclose too much info about his system, saying only, “The air bubbles keep the liquid moving to keep the beer at a constant temperature.”

Now, 27 degrees is what he claims he can guarantee, but his “goal is to actually serve the beer about 25 degrees.” When the network tested his system, the beer poured out at just 23 degrees—so cold that even a half an hour later, the beer was still an almost ice-cold 33 degrees.

For the record, the freezing point of beer varies depending on the type, typically hovering somewhere between 26 and 29 degrees, meaning at 23 degrees, most beers would probably be frozen. So there is something to Kranovich’s system, which he called “magic.” Though also for the record, if you drink your beer ice cold, you’re suppressing many of the flavors. Though I guess if you’re just drinking light beers at the Iowa State Fair, that’s not one of your top concerns.