Credit: Courtesy of Mast Brothers

The world is filled with plenty of chocolate-flavored beers; I’m personally partial to Lancaster Brewing’s Double Chocolate Milk Stout. But what about a beer made only from chocolate? Mast Brothers Chocolate Shop has been making headlines with that exact concoction but settle down chocolate-loving boozehounds, the brothers made a non-alcoholic “chocolate beer.”

They start with cocoa beans roasted in house which are then shelled and cold-brewed for 24 hours in the same kind of stainless steel fermenters you might see used for small batch beer. Then, to get that “beer” look and texture, the resulting brew goes through two rounds of forced carbonation: C02 is added at the kegging stage and then nitrogen is used as it comes out of the tap to help give the chocolate beer a nice head.

So what does a chocolate beer taste like? Our own Noah Kaufman stopped by and gave them a try, describing the drinks as relatively straight-forward, kind of like a cold hot chocolate. Also, since nothing is added to the cold-brew, these “beers” are lighter and easier drinking than your typical beer would be, meaning you can drink enough to feel guilty about this guilty pleasure.

Chocolate fans can try out two different varieties of the beer – “Brooklyn Blend” and “Vanilla Smoke” – currently on draft at Mast Brothers’ Brooklyn factory. The brand says more varieties are in the works, and told the Huffington Post that bottling was even a possibility “down the road.”

If you prefer chocolate highs to beer buzzes, this might just be your new drink of choice.