Want to seriously impress everyone at the Labor Day party you’re going to this weekend? Don’t show up with a wimpy six-pack that’s picked over in five minutes, come loaded with a 99-pack—it’s sure to last for at least several more minutes. For a limited time and in a limited quantity, Austin Beer Works is making its Peacemaker extra pale ale available 99 at a time. The pack, which—as you can see in the video above—may take a small army to carry home, is going to cost $99, just a buck a beer.

As for the taste, Peacemaker is medium bodied and just slightly bitter (the brewery describes it as a Conan O’Brien–level of bitterness). And at 5 percent ABV, Peacemaker is right on the edge of being a session beer (that is, you can drink a lot of it in one sitting, so it’s perfect for day-drinking).

The 99-packs go on sale Thursday. If you’re interested in picking one up, Austin Beer Works will be telling you where you can do it on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned.