Credit: © Panatea

Matcha – a unique form of powdered green tea – has been growing in popularity over the past couple years in part because of the product’s intriguing backstory. Matcha is used as a part of Japanese tea ceremonies and has been associated with Zen Buddhism and meditation for nearly 1,000 years. Writing for, nutritionist Cynthia Sass described it thusly, “I believe that if preparing and sipping matcha becomes a way for you to slow down, and be in the moment, its benefits will extend far beyond the antioxidants it provides.” And what’s more “in the moment” than mindlessly pulling a single-serve pouch out of your bag and dumping it in a bottle of water?

That’s what the brand Panatea is pushing: Tiny packets of “instant matcha” that is “ceremonial grade” but with almost no preparation required… so basically without the ceremony. Sort of like how you can anoint yourself with any old tap water as long as its “holy grade,” right?

Granted, you’re not getting much pomp and circumstance when some barista hands you a matcha at Starbucks. And of course, people tout plenty of other benefits to matcha besides the chance for a meditative moment: The powdered green tea leaves are purportedly high in antioxidants, meaning all sorts of health benefits have been attributed to drinking it. Still, a fitting irony exists that our modern world feels the need to take a drink that for centuries has been used to promote mindfulness and find a way to make and ingest it as quickly as possible. Why doesn’t Pantea just offer some sort of “matcha bong” as an accessory?

That all being said, if you feel the need to get your instant match fix, Panatea is currently offering preorders of its instant matcha packets at a 15 percent discount online before the official release date of October 4. You can even sign up for a monthly subscription that sends you a 30-pack of instant matcha on the regular. That’s actually the best way to keep yourself mindful, lest you forget to cancel your subscription and be paying for matcha every month for the rest of your very healthy life.