Credit: © iStockphoto

Sure, having over 1.2 billion people makes doing anything more than another country easy, but you still might be surprised to find out that India drinks more whiskey than any other country – by a huge margin.

According to Business Insider, citing research from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in 2014, India consumed 1.548 billion liters of whiskey, blowing past the number two country, America, which consumed a measly 462 million liters.

Of course, population plays a huge factor. When broken down per capita, India slips down to ninth place overall and America rises to number three. (For the record, the top two whiskey consuming countries per capita are France and, interestingly, Uruguay.) But size alone can’t account for India’s whiskey lust. Comparatively, China – the world’s largest country with about 100 million more people than India – only consumed 17 million liters of whiskey last year – though there are plenty of pretty socioeconomic reasons for that, with India’s occupation by the British being a pretty obvious one. When it comes to drinking whiskey, the British aren’t slouches, finishing fifth on the overall consumption list despite, you know, being a tiny island.

In total, India drinks about half the world’s whiskey and still manages to average out to about a liter of whiskey per person per year, even with over a billion people within their borders. So though you might be surprised to find out how much whiskey Indians consume, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that India is also home to the world’s best-selling whiskey brand, Officer’s Choice.