By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 01, 2014
© George Shelley / CORBIS

Cheers, fraternities, tailgates. What do these three things have in common? They involve groups of men drinking together. And according to a new study, drinking males tend to bond more freely with one another than sober ones.

Researchers gave subjects either an alcoholic drink (vodka cranberry for some reason), a nonalcoholic beverage or a placebo cocktail (described as alcoholic but containing only a few drops of vodka). When groups of male strangers drank alcohol they appeared to connect more with each other emotionally. That said, the measurement involved how often subjects smiled. Though smiling has long been considered a marker of connection and emotion, we have unscientific research that suggests that drinking also makes you smirky. Just not around women apparently. The study says that alcohol only boosts connection in an all-male group, and that sober women can connect just fine.