By FWx Editors
Updated January 12, 2016
Photo Composite: © Chris Jackson / Getty Images / Victoria Pearson

Way back in 2009, red-haired Canadian comedian and actor Derek Forgie had an idea. After an episode of South Park inspired Kick a Ginger Day, resulting in actual attacks, he proposed Kiss a Ginger Day. On this day, presumably people with red hair would get touched in ways that made them feel more loved, if not necessarily more comfortable. Now in its seventh year, Kiss a Ginger Day is one of those holidays built for the Internet and gives people an opportunity to profess their love for Prince Harry, Emma Stone and...Carrot Top, we guess.

But around here, we celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day a bit differently. We’ve never liked using “ginger” to refer to redheads, so we’ve focused on its other meaning. Here, some cocktails to help you toast a ginger (they might not want you kissing them anyway).

Blood Orange Margarita with Ginger

Use this easy ginger peeling hack to get the minced ginger you need for this colorful riff on a margarita.

Strawberry and Ginger Cooler

This is a reinterpretation of a classic—and we mean really classic. Cocktail book author Jeff Holinger based his recipe on one from the 19th century.


Fresh ginger adds a little punch to the base of bourbon, St. Germain and ginger ale.

Stone Wall

Cider and ginger pair perfectly for a cocktail that goes great with the colder weather.

Ginger Smash

Bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout thinks this sake, ginger and tequila combination is a great partner for sushi, in case you’re planning to have dinner with a redhead today before the ceremonial kissing.