Credit: © Dustin Bradford / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s that time of year again: Time to choose your NFL football team allegiance based on which stadium has the cheapest beers. Sure, the travel costs could easily offset the savings of getting the best bargain on your brews, but if you’re trying to think about things logically, you don’t deserve to be an NFL fan. Come on, this is the league that tried to suspend a guy a quarter of the season for throwing deflated footballs.

The good news: If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, not only do you have more chili restaurants per capita than is reasonable, you also have the NFL’s cheapest beers per ounce at just $0.36—or $5 for 14 ounces of domestic goodness. That’s a great deal, even for you cross-border Indiana-based Bengals fans.

Meanwhile, Eagles fans aren’t just getting screwed because their coach is an off-season maniac. Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field also has the most expensive beer at a ridiculously high 71 cents per ounce. That’s eight cents more than the second most expensive concessions at Levi’s Stadium outside San Francisco (and at least they have the defensible position that everything in San Francisco is supposed to be expensive). However, it’s easy to jack up the prices for an Eagles’ game. Fans are forced to drink up to help calm their nerves every time they see Sam Bradford take a sack.

Wondering where your local team falls on the list? VinePair pulled all the data from the 2015 Team Marketing Report and put it in handy graph form, so you can head over there to start budgeting for your next NFL game—assuming you have any money left after buying your ticket.