By Jennifer Cacicio
Updated February 25, 2014
Kevin Spacey plays Francis J. “Frank” Underwood.
| Credit: © Patrick Harbron

It's time to get drunk—literally—on the power of Vice President Underwood and the pawns—er, women—who can't help but love him. If you didn't use President's Day weekend to binge watch the entire season already, there's still time to play.

When Frank breaks the fourth wall, take a shot.
You know he'll make you privy to his villainous plan in the first few minutes. And is it just us, or does his accent get a little thicker?

Take a sip when Claire puts her own wants and needs aside to please her husband.
Because you know that after all this time, that's still how she rolls.

Take a shot when Zoe's nudey pics flash on the screen.
Then wonder what actress Kate Mara has up her sleeve next.

Enjoy a long slug when the Underwoods share an illicit windowsill cigarette.
Optional: Take a private moment to plot your own citywide domination.

Take a shot when Doug Stamper takes an unsuspecting guest to that diner.
'Cause you know that's where he likes to do his dirty work. And his dirty work is about to get downright filthy this season.

When the words Peter Russo and murder are finally uttered in the same sentence, pour your drink out and make yourself another.
Oh, how we miss the bald, adorable, drunken haplessness that was Congressman Russo.

When Frank makes a pit stop at Freddy's BBQ Joint for his beloved ribs, take a sip.
We're betting Freddy steps up to the plot this season. After all, dude was on two seasons of The Wire. Plus, he gets decent screen time in this trailer.

Down your drink if Claire defies nature and actually gets preggers.
At least she won't have to stick her head in the fridge anymore and hate on Gillian.

Drink up when Zoe, Lucas and Janine finally find a way to expose Underwood.
It's either that, or they give up and have some weird journalistic threesome. On this show, you never know.

Finish the whole bottle if Frank looks at the camera and says, “You know what? Enough of this masterminding. Being VP is more than I ever could have wanted.”
Come on, you guys, it could happen.

Recommended beverages
Nothing says political prowess like a glass of single malt, but if you're more in the Claire camp, spring for a nice bottle of wine. Your choice of red or white, but keep in mind: Claire Underwood ain't one to rough it.