Credit: © Shotshop GmbH / Alamy

Hotel minibars are only occasionally worth their hefty price tag. Not to mention the hassle of trekking to the ice machine for crappy, fast-melting ice and mixing your cocktails with cardboard coffee stirrers makes them a bit of a pain. Drinking in a hotel room would be so much easier if you could just get your booze on tap. Now it looks like you’ll be able to. The brash and independent Scottish brewery Brewdog announced plans to open a hotel in its hometown of Ellon, Scotland, and each room would have its own cache of Brewdog beer on draught.

The hotel is just one part of a grand expansion plan from the brewery whose wild past projects included making a 55 percent ABV beer that came inside an actual stuffed squirrel.

The expansion will also include a bigger brewery and distillery to start making Brewdog spirits. And Brewdog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie plan to make their expansion without succumbing to the growing trend of small craft brewers selling out to big companies like Anheuser-Busch or Coors.

Instead, Brewdog raises money through a successful crowdfunding model called Equity for Punks. They have raised more than £7 million in past fundraising pushes, but the new one launched at the beginning of this week has much higher hopes. Brewdog wants to raise £25 million for its new projects. It sounds a bit quixotic until you consider they raised more than £1 million in the first two days.

Dickie said he thinks they'll blow that £25 million goal away. If they do and the Brewdog hotel opens its tap lines, we’ll be the first in line to get a plane ticket to their little corner of northeast Scotland.