By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 08, 2014
Credit: Barrel Sundries

In the past decade or so, brewing your own beer has gone from rogue activity of your strange uncle who lives alone in the Rocky Mountains to a common hobby for hipsters and frat bros alike. Homemade beer is commonplace enough now that those who strive to be on the cutting edge will have to move on to other brewing activities.

For those people, might we humbly suggest picking up your own sake making kit?

Available to be shipped right to your door from UncommonGoods, this $57 package contains all of the supplies you’ll need (including a reusable one-gallon glass carboy, two-gallon fermenting bucket, tubing, and other science-y stuff like campden tablets and yeast energizers) as well as most of the ingredients necessary to brew your first gallon of sake. You do have to provide your own white raisins and sugar, though.

After that, all you have to do is pick the perfect sushi pairing. Just don’t order dinner too soon; according to the brewing instructions, your sake will take about five weeks before it’s ready to drink.

Brewing your own sake will make your inner hipster feel crafty, while your inner frat bro will realize you can grab a couple of home brews to create a completely homemade sake bomb! Now that’s a DIY party!