By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 27, 2015
© Line Klein

In our gadget-obsessed world, everyone wants the power to control things from their smartphones. But more and more, it seems our smartphones are controlling us.

Take for instance the latest coffee maker from Mr. Coffee. Consumerist turned us onto the brand’s new network-connected drip coffee machine that can be programmed from your phone, called Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew. With your smartphone as the controller, the machine can easily be set from almost anywhere you have a wireless connection.

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Sounds great, right? Except if you don’t have your smartphone, you can’t program it. Even if you’re standing right in front of it.

According to Consumer Reports, “Unlike most of the drip coffee makers in our tests, it can only be programmed from your smart device and not from the machine itself. And, if you forgot to charge your phone or left it at work, there’s no way to manually program the machine.”

Yes, you can still hit the “brew” button, but at that point why not just start sucking on coffee beans like a Neanderthal?