By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 25, 2016
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The evidence of Ecto Cooler’s coming return that emerged in February wasn’t particularly subtle, but for those worried you may not be able to relive your ‘80s childhood in all its Slimer-filled glory, the official announcement is finally here: Hi-C Ecto Cooler will return on May 30 – and possibly even sooner if you’re willing to enter an Ecto Cooler sweepstakes. (You know your inner-child wants to enter a sweepstakes.)

“This summer, the juice drink of choice for those nostalgic for the ‘80s and ‘90s will officially return to store shelves for a limited time,” the Coca-Cola Company announced in a press release. “Its resurgence comes after a 15-year hiatus, much to the delight of fans everywhere.” When it hits shelves on May 30, Ecto Cooler will be available in both juice boxes and cans that “are specially printed using thermal ink that turns an eerie shade of slime green when the product inside is cold.”

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Now, if you’re looking to win free Ecto Cooler, this ain’t your childhood mail-in-a-boxtop sweepstakes. Instead, you can enter in two ways: Retweeting the Ecto Cooler sweepstakes tweet “without modification” or commenting on the Facebook post that advertises the sweepstakes with the hashtags #EctoCooler and #Sweepstakes (seriously? that couldn’t have just been one hashtag?) while assuring that this comment doesn’t violate any of the Coca Cola Company’s dozen restrictions (for instance, if your comment says “#EctoCooler #Sweepstakes #PepsiRules” you’ll be disqualified). Sometime around May 10, Coca Cola is going to pick 50 people to win a pack of juice boxes. Man, if the actual Ghostbusters movie is as fun as this sweepstakes, the movie is going to be long and tedious!

Still, you won’t be worried about some silly sweepstakes when you’re scarfing down fresh batches of Ecto Cooler on May 30. And according to Coca-Cola, this is all for you. “Vocal online fan groups … along with some lobbying support from Sony Pictures, spurred The Coca-Cola Company to bring Hi-C Ecto Cooler back, just in time for the new Ghostbusters theatrical release this summer.” That’s right, online fans, thanks to your hard work, lobbying from a major motion picture company and a convenient promotional tie-in, we got Ecto Cooler back! Power to the people!

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And remember, if you’re an Ecto Cooler fan who thinks this whole thing has just gotten too corporate, you can always make your own.