No one said being a mixologist was easy. It takes a lot of dedication and training…or the online equivalent: watching YouTube videos and being like, “I could totally do that.”

We’ve featured videos from the YouTube channel Cocktail Chemistry before – things like serving drinks inside of a ball of ice or making one of those cool flaming orange peels. They always have a way of taking pretty complicated techniques and making them look simple. Oh, you want me to fill an ice cube with smoke? My buddies and I hotboxed a Honda Accord back in high school; how hard can it be??

The resulting “smoke bomb” cocktail is definitely visually stunning: it’s like a smoke machine for your drink. And if there’s one thing that 1980’s music videos have taught us, it’s that smoke machines make everything cooler.

But if you do try this at home, please be careful. Any cocktail that includes a step where you set something on fire is a great way to get a reminder that alcohol and flames aren’t always a great match.