By Food & Wine
Updated June 13, 2016
Credit: © SodaStream

Generally, it’s considered bad form to kick your opponent while he’s down. But if your opponent started the fight, maybe there’s room for an exception.

In light of last week’s announcement from coffee-maker giant Keurig that they’d be discontinuing their at-home soda-making machine Keurig Kold, the biggest name in the category, SodaStream, decided to pounce. “While supplies last, get a free SodaStream sparkling water maker to replace your discontinued Keurig Kold,” the brand announced on its website. Reminding consumers that SodaSteam “has always been the best way to enjoy sparkling water and healthier carbonated drinks at home” (ouch!), the company offered a free SodaStream Fountain Jet (a $79.99 value) to Kold owners if they simply “snap a pic” of themselves with their now useless Kold and send it along with their pertinent info to team SodaStream.

As you may recall, Kold launched less than a year ago, and SodaStream had to have been clearly in the company’s sights. Though the idea that the world’s biggest pod-based hot drink brand would start making pod-based cold drinks is somewhat of a logical progression, it’s a market that SodaStream has clearly dominated for quite some time, so you can’t entirely blame SodaStream for offering up this freebie as a final “FU” to Keurig.

Of course, if SodaStream really wanted to be jerks, it could start selling its own coffeemaker. Though I’m guessing both brands have learned a valuable lesson from Kold’s failure: Keep your hot side hot and your cold side cold. It’s just like McDonald’s taught us in the 1980s – although that idea also subsequently failed. Maybe the moral is just to never try anything new.