By FWx Editors
Updated June 10, 2016
Credit: © Archive Photos/Getty Images

A good bar is hard to find. So is a 200-year-old one. But America actually has quite a few that fit both categories and thanks to the magnificence of mapping technology you can put together a historic drinking trip around the country. Maybe you’ll even learn something if you can don’t have too many G&Ts first.

The travel site Trippy did a deep dive into old bars all over the country and rolled out what they believe to be the ideal, historic bar road trip. They’ve got almost 200 bars in the lower 48 (although, if you want to trek all the way up to Alaska, they’ve got some old bars up there too that well predate statehood). But be prepared: The route is a long one. It will take a little over nine days to drive. Although, probably don’t do it all in one go. Bar hopping across state lines might not leave you in the best state for driving. Fortunately they’ve also got walking directions—it will only take 219 days out of your life to do it.

Check out the whole interactive map below so you can start your planning.