By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 06, 2016
Credit: © iStockphoto

It’s that time of year again: The start of the Major League Baseball season – when Cubs fans hopes are still excited, Marlins fans feelings are still apathetic, and all of America prepares itself to pay too much money beer.

Those baseball experts at (shrug) analyzed every ballpark and came out with their rankings of the “Most and Least Expensive Stadiums for MLB Fans to Watch a Baseball Game.” Included in their breakdown is the price of “two beers” at every stadium – information that is vital when attempting to estimate the cost of sitting through a pitching duel.

According to their research, only three ballparks are willing to sell you two beers for under $10: The Los Angeles Angels who sling suds for $4.50 a piece, and the cheapest of the bunch – the Cleveland Indians and the Arizona Diamondbacks – where you can buy beers for just four bucks each. As for the priciest brews, that honor belongs to a trio of teams – the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies – where you’ll be expect to pay at least $7.75 to score a beer.

Of course, none of this analysis takes into account important factors like the size of the beer or the type of beer being sold. For instance, if the Phillies were doling out 20-ounce pours of one of my favorite beers, Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale, I’d gladly shell out a premium. However, I’m guessing that’s not the case. Plus, you’re stuck watching the Phillies, which might as well be considered some sort of tariff.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis, last year, the good people at VinePair broke beer prices down by the ounce. Until someone puts together cost-benefit analysis of sneaking your flask into every ballpark, that will have to do.

[h/t Fortune]