Halloween Drinking Games
Credit: © Betsie Van Der Meer/Getty Images

You may be a mature and responsible adult, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring out your inner goblin on Halloween. Because who needs candy bars and Sweet Tarts when you've got vodka and tequila? Check out some of our favorite Halloween drinking games below and you'll be sure to have a hell of a good time.

Boozing for Apples

You don't have to be a pro at bobbing for apples to play this one.

Gather 15 shot glasses and fill them with various liquors, liqueurs and liquids (i.e. cheap vodka, vinegar, milk, lemon juice, wine, etc. – the more creative, the better). Number the shot glasses of these tricks and treats.

Purchase 15 apples and number them by carving into their skin. Place the apples into a bucket of water (ice cold, if you're feeling particularly devilish).

Players will individually bob for apples. Once an apple is retrieved, the player must consume the corresponding shot number. The fun is in the mystery of not knowing what you're about to drink! And nothing is more fun than seeing a vegan friend shoot chicken noodle soup. (Totally kidding, maybe.)

Trick or Try Again

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you're inevitably going to get trick-or-treaters. Since it's pretty much your civic duty to hand out candy (jumbo-sized candy bars if you're really freakin' awesome) to adorable children, you might as well make it fun for everyone.

Create one of our favorite Halloween drinks and simply take a sip when:

The door bell rings

A kid says "trick or treat"

You get a child dressed as a witch

You see someone who is way too old to be trick or treating

A kid shows up with a repeat costume

You literally have no idea what someone is dressed up as

Someone asks you for a specific type of candy

You'll be ready for bed before you know it.

Toilet Paper Mummy

Split up into teams of two. One person will be the designated mummy. The other person will be the designated wrapper. When the party host says "go," the teams must race to see who can wrap the fastest. The winner is the first one left with an empty toilet paper roll. The losers must take a shot. Simple, just like a toilet paper mummy costume.

Beer Pong with Eyeballs

It's the game you love, but ping pong balls are replaced with store-bought or homemade gummy eyeballs. We also recommend a drop or two of red food coloring in your beer. If the idea of constantly sticking your hand in red stuff freaks you out, wear latex gloves for a creepy surgery room effect.

Web of Surprise

Pin the tail on the donkey gets a holiday upgrade with this Halloween take on a children's birthday party classic.

One by one, guests are blindfolded, spun around and forced to pin a spider on a web decal that you'll have to creatively construct or purchase in advance. The goal is to hit the bullseye, but you'll want to cover the web with various drinking commands like "chug your drink for five seconds" or "pick someone to do a shot." The bullseye should represent an automatic safety from any future drinking requirement and the winner should be called "Charlotte" for the remainder of the night.