Credit: © Victor Chavez / Getty Images

The always generous and down-to-earth Gwyneth Paltrow was kind enough to share her personal recipe for the smoothie she enjoys daily – but before you think of adding it your menu, know that the cost of the ingredients could leave you short on rent this month.

The recipe starts out innocuous enough –almond milk, almond butter and coconut oil. These are all fairly normal in any breakfast smoothie – but from there, the price of the ingredients goes in another direction and that direction is up.

The recipe, which appears on Goop, even offers customizable options for whatever your day holds – be it Sex Dust ($60/2 ounces) or Spirit Dust ($65/2 ounces), which we suppose is good for dealing with the ghost of her frugal soul.

Brit + Co crunched the numbers and figured that buying the ingredients alone would hit your bank account to the tune of $185. That’s true…sort of. Since most of us don’t have the ingredients she calls for—like maca, ashwagandha, ho shou wu, cordyceps—just sitting around next to the blender, we would have to go buy them and purchasing entire jars of that stuff would cost $185. But let’s not all pile on Gwyneth here. The actual amounts she calls for in her recipe—a teaspoon of each—amount to about $10 of weird stuff per drink. And who knows, maybe you can find some other uses for that ho shou wu.

You should also know that there is more to Paltrow’s morning routine than unpronounceable ingredients. She told Brit + Co, “by the way, this is an extremely basic version — you can put in bananas or berries. Sometimes I put in half of a sweet potato and make like a little pumpkin pie smoothie.” If pumpkin pie and Sex Dust doesn’t say “it’s going to be a good day” we don’t know what does.