By Clara Olshansky
Updated October 21, 2016
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Credit: Courtesy of Guzzle Buddy/Amazon

Did you ever see that episode of Cougar Town where they invented a wine glass top that you could screw straight into the bottle? They called it the Guzzle Buddy, and now it's a real thing that you can actually own. Thanks to kitchenware manufacturer J JO, you can buy yourself a Guzzle Buddy on Amazon.

Okay, so it's not actually available right now, since it sold out pretty much immediately, but the Guzzle Buddy will be back on the market mid November, in time to order it as a holiday present for your roommate so you can secretly use it yourself. But be careful. If using a bigger glass makes you drink more wine, you're definitely going to down the whole bottle with this one.

So how did this glass go from one-off sitcom joke to reality? As Guzzle Buddy sales manager Randy Rothfus told Decanter, it was really just that they figured it already should have existed. "We saw that episode and then went on a hunt to find it. However, no one had come up with it yet so we made it." And it's a good thing they did. We were getting pretty tired of the wine glass middleman.

The product's taglines include "Plug It and Chug It" and "Pouring is Boring". There's even an instructional video showing you just how to plug it and chug it. It goes a something like this: 1) Open the bottle. 2) Screw the Guzzle Buddy into the bottle. 3) Drink. A lot. For updates, you can follow Guzzle Buddy on Twitter.