Credit: © Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Guinness has been around for 256 years and, for the vast majority of that time, has never felt much pressure to appeal to vegans. Maybe it’s an Irish thing. But despite its illustrious history, the beer brand has decided there’s always room for a little change.

Since the 19th century, Guinness has filtered out yeast from its signature stout with isinglass, a byproduct of fish bladders. Though most of the isinglass is removed before the beer hits the market, Guinness has admitted in the past they can’t guarantee that no trace of the substance remains in the final product. Therefore, strict vegans have said Guinness is off-limits.

However, people still love their Guinness and, according to CNBC, online petitions have been circulating asking Guinness to change their filtration process. Now the brewer has announced that, indeed, they are planning to open a new filtration plant in 2016 that will finally make their beer vegan-friendly. “Whilst isinglass is a very effective means of clarification, and has been used for many years, we expect to stop using it as the new filtration asset is introduced,” a spokesman told Ireland’s The Times.

Now if only we can petition Baileys to stop using cream, then finally vegans can fulfill their God-given right to do car bombs.