By Justine Sterling
Updated March 07, 2014
Man's best friend is even more of a best friend when he's full of wine.
| Credit: © Doug Keller

Box wine is perfect for cooking, terrific for sangria and, in some cases, actually good for drinking on its own. But rarely does it see the kind of adoration that it gets during the Box of Wine parade in New Orleans at Mardi Gras time. The precursor to Bacchus—a crazy-popular wine-themed parade, with Hugh Laurie as its king this year—Box of Wine is an informal parade made up of artists, hipsters and box wine enthusiasts. Dressed in DIY costumes, the revelers carried boxes of wine ranging in quality from Franzia to Bota Box to brands found only in drugstores. Sometimes even the box wine gets to dress up. (This year, a group of friends and I dressed up as characters from Reservoir Dogs and carried with us reservoir wine dogs—boxes of wine glued into de-stuffed dogs.) As the massive, wine-soaked crowd throngs down St. Charles Avenue, parade watchers call out for people to fill their cups or just pour the wine straight down their throats. That was particularly fun to watch this year, since the spouts of our wine boxes came from anatomically appropriate places on our canines. Some people were particular, turning up their nose at the free Chillable Red, but most were equal opportunity drinkers. Box-wine makers, take note: This is a golden sponsorship opportunity.