By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 24, 2016
Credit: © Wine Enthusiast

Here’s a great gift for anyone you know who loves safety just as much as they love wine. Wine Enthusiast is selling a Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher. No, it’s not an extinguisher for all those pesky wine bottle fires you’ve been having. Instead, it’s a fully functional fire extinguisher that looks like a bottle of wine.

At a foot tall and 11 inches around, the extinguisher closely resembles an actual wine bottle in size and color. It even features a label from the Bordeaux brand Chateau La Falque which adds to the authenticity, though I feel like they missed a great opportunity to create a fake label for a brand called something like Chateau Les Flammes—because who doesn’t like a good fire joke?

If there’s any bad news, besides the $150 price tag, it’s that though the extinguisher looks pretty damn close to a bottle of wine, it’s not so identical where it can double as a hilarious prank if you pass if off to your friend and tell him to pour another glass.

The good news, however, is it essentially has a lifetime warranty. According to its description, the manufacturer “will send a brand new fire extinguisher if you use yours up!” That’s great, because if you’re the kind of lush who wants a fire extinguisher that looks like a wine bottle, you’re probably accidentally starting a lot of small fires around the house.