By PureWow
Updated December 30, 2015
Credit: © Paul Burley Photography / Getty Images

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

A toast to 2016 — but oops, the bubbles in that first glass of Champagne just went straight to your head. You’d love to save the rest of the bottle for later…but won’t it go flat? Not if you try this nifty trick.

What you need: That bottle of Champers that’s two-thirds of the way full or less and a silver spoon (no plastic)

What you do: Do not — we repeat, do not — wedge the cork back into the bottle. Instead, put a spoon down the neck and pop the bottle in the fridge (the handle doesn’t need to touch the liquid for this to work).

Why it works: Cold air is essential for preserving effervescence. The spoon acts as a conductor.

The result? The fizzy bubbles will keep for three days.