Garlic Cola Is Japan's Latest Beverage Flavor

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The cola wars have sparked all sorts of flavor innovation from New Coke to Crystal Pepsi to the current battle between Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi True. But here's one the soda giants haven't thought of yet: garlic cola.

Jats Takkola comes from Aomori, an area known as the garlic capital of Japan. In fact, as Rocket News 24 describes it, the product is specifically "from the garlic center of the garlic capital of Japan, also known as 'Garlic Town,' Sannohe Districts' Takko Town." Supposedly, during the July garlic harvest, the entire town picks up the bulb's pungent smell. And apparently they just had to find something new to do with their prize crop.

As for the beverage itself, the recipe is simple: Take one cola and mix in some finely ground garlic. (The company actually suggests turning the bottle over a bit to get a uniform flavor.)

Whether you'll appreciate the taste — well, that probably depends on how much you have an affinity for garlic. The brand does promote the drink based on garlic's healthy properties, saying it will "stimulate the heart." Though that might just be customers having a heart attack after trying a garlic cola.

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