Game of Thrones Beer
Credit: © Brewery Ommegang

As Game of Thrones built itself into a pop culture phenomenon, the show has managed to avoid getting stale, in part thanks to its ever-growing cast of substantial characters—a cast that easily stretches into the dozens at this point. And at the current rate, Game of Thrones may soon have that many official beers as well.

HBO and Brewery Ommegang have announced the eighth official Game of Thrones-inspired beer, set to arrive around Memorial Day in advance of the show’s seventh season (the premiere date of which is still unknown.) Bend the Knee Golden Ale will be a huge 9 percent ABV Belgian-style beer brewed with pilsner malt and flaked oats and hopped with Saaz, Bravo, and Styrian Golding hops. The brew will also be given a touch of Wildflower honey during fermentation to add some light sweetness.

“Drawing from a rich Belgian brewing tradition, Golden Strong Ales are deceptive due to their unique combination of extreme drinkability and relatively high alcohol content,” explained Brewery Ommegang President Doug Campbell in a press release. “Bend the Knee walks that line, while also incorporating the delicate flavors of honey into the mix. The subtle noble and floral hop contribution adds to its delicateness, and the beer finishes smooth and dry.”

For those trying to keep track (keeping track of anything in the GoT universe isn’t easy, is it?), the New York state brewery began collaborating with the fantasy series back in 2013: Iron Throne Blonde Ale arrived first, followed by Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood Red Ale, Valar Morghulis Abbey Dubbel Ale, Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale, Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale and Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale. If you think that’s more beers than a TV show needs, you’re probably right; some breweries don’t even have that many beers in their lineup.

Still, GoT obsessives will probably once again flock to this beer. (The others have sold well.) Look for Bend the Knee on draft or in three collectable 750 milliliter bottles adorned with one of the three Great House sigils. With the season seven premiere date still totally up in the air, fans may need this strong of a beer to help them get through the wait.