By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2016
Beer Hour Stadium
Credit: Courtesy of TOMY Company, Ltd.

Lots of beer snobs have their patented pouring technique. Tilt the glass this way. Hold the bottle this high. Pray to this beer foam god. But pouring a beer isn’t that deep: Think about how much head you want and then pour slowly until you get the desired amount. If you get too much foam, just look around and proclaim, “What idiot’s handling the carbonation at this brewery?!”

But if you’re the type who still suffers from beer pouring anxiety, a Japanese company called Takara-Tomy wants you to know they’re here to help. It makes the very Japanese-sounding “Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser” – a plastic beer gun that locks onto the top of any can (sorry, bottle drinkers) and claims to shoot out beer with the ideal amount of foam. According to CNET, the name “is a reference to the ‘beer girls’ that pour drinks for baseball fans at major Japanese games, utilising similar beer-guns attached to mini-kegs at their backs.”

I don’t speak a lick of Japanese, and yet I found the brand’s promotional product video surprisingly informative. The Beer Hour Stadium dispenser requires no batteries or electricity, it’s not meant for shooting beer at your friends, and it comes in a number of varieties including a tabletop version and a premium version with a place to put ice to keep your beer cold. Also, Japanese men like watching sports in sad, undecorated apartment while drinking alone.

What I’m not convinced of is just how well this $22 plastic beer dispenser works. Not that great beers don’t come in cans, but this product seems to be marketed to the kind of people drinking canned beer so shitty that getting the perfect amount of foam should be the least of their concerns. On second thought, maybe the best use for this beer gun is shooting brews at your friends.