Credit: © Hans Neleman/Getty Images

There’s few things sadder than wasted wine – except, of course, wine that is deliberately sabotaged.

French and Spanish farmers in the Languedoc-Roussillon region are in a bit of a spat over a border crossing, and it came to a head this week when French farmers encountered several Spanish trucks full of wine. The French farmers declared the trucks to be “vin non conforme” (“non-compliant wine”) and threw all the wine away, pouring out the equivalent 90,000 bottles.

The French farmers claimed the Spanish were fraudulently putting “Made in France” labels on the wine bottles and they were just protesting unfair competition. There has been a sharp rise in Spanish wine being imported into France in recent years, and the French are claiming they are being priced out of their own – what they say is superior wine – by cheap, inferior imports. However, the Spanish stand by EU union rules that allow free travel of goods between member states.

French winemakers are having none of it. Toronto Sun reports Denis Pigouche, president of a Pyrenees-Orientales winemaker association, told reporters that the Spanish "have no place in France."

It’s well known the French take their wine very seriously – but all this wasted wine has us seeing red.