By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 25, 2016

Some people’s dream house would include a pool or a bowling alley. But for two decades, a Fort Worth man has made due with a simpler amenity: decorations made of thousands of beer cans.

Louis Torres, a 68-year-old retired Lockheed Martin employee, has a unique “hobby,” as he calls it, decorating his small house in Fort Worth’s Linwood neighborhood with beer cans – specifically Miller Light and Milwaukee’s Best Light cans. Those are the only brands he drinks. Turns out he’s a bit more of a connoisseur of beer can art than beer itself.

It’s estimated that the property currently has about 3,000 cans used as decorations in different shapes and forms. He slices cans up to give them the appearance of hanging lanterns or strings lines of cans up into long strands. Though Torres is a little bit coy about where they all came from: “I get asked all the time: how many cans? Did you drink these? Can I plead the fifth on that?” he told WFAA jokingly. Though he readily admitted, “I'm retired,” meaning he mostly likes to “sit at home, drink beer, and watch TV.”


Over the years, the canned beer lover has become a bit of a celebrity for both good and bad reasons. In 2012, the city made him send all his decorations to a recycling facility before he eventually worked out a compromise that let him start decorating his property again. But on the bright side, last year, MillerCoors sent him a personalized “Louis’ Place” neon sign to honor his dedication to their brands.

However, in two weeks, Torres life’s work will be coming down. He’s sold the home his family has owned for 60 years and, most likely, it will be demolished. Every other single family home on his block has been. “Times are a changing,” he told WFAA. “They're buying up everything around here.” In the meantime, Torres has said anyone is welcome to come by to see the beer can house’s final days and even take a keepsake if they wish – in case you’ve been struggling to find Milwaukee’s Best Light cans on the side of the highway.

But Torres also says this won’t be the end of his can-loving ways. He’s moving to a new home in River Oaks and says he’ll probably start his decorations fresh there. “It's time to start all over because I'm not going to stop,” he said. I’m sure his neighbors can’t wait.