By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 21, 2015
Credit: © Corbis

Guns and alcohol may seem like a bad combination, but owners of a forthcoming restaurant and gun range in Daytona Beach, Florida, believe they’ve come up with a plan to serve both booze and shooting opportunities while keeping their patrons safe.

The guys behind the concept, Ron Perkinson and Edward Staudt, stress that their idea is first and foremost a gun range with an attached restaurant. They say alcohol sales are only necessary to help make the location profitable. They’ve also come up with a comprehensive system to keep intoxicated customers from handling weapons. When drinks are ordered, everyone at the table, regardless of whether they were the ordering party or not, will be required to have their ID scanned. IDs are then scanned again when people want to enter the range. If the scan shows you’ve been served alcohol, your entrance to the gun range will be denied.

The plan seemed solid enough for 11 of the 12 city commissioners to approve the idea. “It’s a very unique opportunity,” Commissioner Rob Gilliland told The Daytona Beach News Journal, reminding them that similar businesses have “proven in other parts of the country it’s safe.” Though this is Florida we’re talking about—does he realize that?

The boozy shooting range is set to open in the next few months, taking over a location that used to be a bowling alley. That business only lasted one year. Hopefully this idea will be more on target.