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Credit: © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis

Enough with the specialty lattes, there’s a whole new beverage craze in town. Maybe. A new restaurant in New York is hoping customers will want to drop in for a steaming hot cup of broth. Just don’t be caught calling it soup.

Brodo is the latest creation from the James Beard award winner Marco Canora. The name is Italian for “broth,” and it aptly describes the focus of the new takeout window attached to his highly regarded restaurant Hearth, in New York’s East Village. True to its translation, the fast–casual broth spot, as some have dubbed it, will offer organic chicken and local grass-fed beef bone–based broths “in paper coffee cups with ‘sip-thru’ lids.” Just the thing for the on-the-go broth drinker.

But let’s dial back the sarcasm for a second, because Canora is dead serious about his love of these liquids. He claims daily doses of broth are one of a series of dietary changes that has put him “in the best shape of my life.” And he’s not the only person on the broth bandwagon. As New York magazine mentions, author Sally Fallon published an entire tome a couple months ago called Nourishing Broth. It’s currently the No. 1 seller in Amazon’s Soups & Stews Cooking book department! (That’s not sarcasm; the Soups & Stews book department is a real thing.)

So, hey, maybe takeaway broth really is an idea whose time has come. We’ll find out soon. Brodo opens today.