Credit: © Guy Merin

When you’re drinking at a bar you probably put very little thought into the inner workings of the keg from which your beer flows. It pumps, its pours and every once in awhile it needs to be changed. Traditional kegs are bulky, use carbon dioxide to pump beer through the lines and, unfortunately, sit in landfills because they can’t be recycled. That may change though.

Heineken has introduced the Brewlock keg that is 100% recyclable. The patented one-way (meaning non-refillable) 20L keg is made out of recyclable PET plastic. The lightweight carrier consists of an inner bladder that is surrounded by a thick, clear outer bottle, which prevents the bag from puncturing. With no heavy steel the entire system is incredibly light, weighing 25 percent less than standard kegs, which also makes it easy to transport.

The keg also features a compressed air system. Beer is forced up through the draught lines by an air compressor between the outer wall and bladder. This technique means no carbon dioxide is needed. The lack of propellant gases means your beer never comes in contact with gas and prevents inconsistent draught lines and therefore, pours. Once the keg is open the bladder has been completely deflated and the entire keg can be easily changed with no heavy lifting.

The Brewlocks are already being used through out New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Florida. And since the kegs are recyclable they don’t have to make the return trip to Amsterdam. Beer is making the planet happier one keg at a time.